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    At Big Girl Games, our goal is to play as many games as we can as often as we can. To create new games that teach and inspire and are equally fun to play. To dream as big as our hearts will let us.

    Our goal is to encourage anyone and everyone to be a gamer. To invite every type of human to the board gaming table. To bring more diversity to the design, creation, and play of board and other tabletop games. Some day, I hope we will be publishing many designers in this space.

    But for now, you’re stuck with me – a pudgy, Gen X weirdo with a penchant for gaming and a ton of baggage. I am learning and growing, and my games reflect the things that are important to me.

    Want some free stuff? I have a bunch of free games available here and more coming all the time.

    Want to keep track of my work? Follow me on any of the social media sites mentioned in the next panel.

    Come with me on this journey!

    The bestest doggo - BGG's first employee

    Buddy was my constant companion for 13 years. When I started Big Girl Games back in 2020, he was at my side through all of my ups and downs. We lost this best of doggos in the summer of 2021 at the age of 14. He is still a major influence on my life and my work, and BGG wouldn’t exist without his big sweet face.

    Rest in peace, best of Buddies.